You asked: Can an object with no net charge have an electric field?

There can not be an eletric field where there is no charge, like for example neutrons have no charge but the protons and neutrons that make the electric charges.

Can electric field exist without charge?

Yes. The an electric field can exist without a charge. BUT it cannot ORIGINATE without charge. EM waves comprise of electric and magnetic field in transit.

Can you have a net electric force on an object with no net charge?

NO, if an object has no net charge it simply means that the amount of positive and negative charges (protons and neutrons) are the same.

Do all charged objects have an electric field?

The Electric Field Concept

A charged object creates an electric field, which surrounds it. If any other charged object enters that space it will feel the effect of the charge. Whether a charged object enters that space or not, the electric field exists.

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Can the electric field be negative?

An electric field can never be negative. An electric field is a force experienced by the charge divided by the magnitude of the charge. … So even if the charge is negative in nature, its magnitude will also be positive and therefore, an electric field can never be negative.

Does the electric field exist?

Field forces can act through space. The effect is produced even with no physical contact between objects. Faraday developed the concept of a field in terms of electric fields. An electric field is said to exist in the region of space around a charged object.

What has no net electric charge?

An object with an absence of net charge is referred to as neutral. … Electric charge is carried by subatomic particles. In ordinary matter, negative charge is carried by electrons, and positive charge is carried by the protons in the nuclei of atoms.

What is no net electric charge?

Neutrons are neutral subatomic particles and have no net electric charge. The neutron has no net charge because the quarks that make up a neutron cancels each other.

Can two objects with zero net charge exert electric forces on each other?

The electric force is a non-contact force. Any charged object can exert this force upon other objects – both charged and uncharged objects.

Can all objects become charged?

For an object to become charged, it must either gain or lose electrons. Losing electrons results in more positive charge than negative charge, making the object charged positively. Gaining electrons results in more negative charge than positive charge, making the object charged negatively.

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Why does an object require electrical charge?

An electrical charge is created when electrons are transferred to or removed from an object. Because electrons have a negative charge, when they are added to an object, it becomes negatively charged. When electrons are removed from an object, it becomes positively charged.

Can an object have a charge?

n is the number of electron present on that object. and e is charge on electron. Here , we get number of electron present on object = 17.5 . … hence, an object can’t have a charge of 2.8 × 10⁻¹⁸C .

Can there be a non zero electric field at a point in space where no charged object is present?

Yes, there can be a non-zero field without an object at that point, but there cannot be an electric field equal to zero at a point where a charged object is present.

Is there an electric field at points in space where there are no electric field lines?

Q20 Is it possible for an electric field to exist at some point in space at which there is no charge? Yes, all we need to have is a charge somewhere in space that can exert a force on a positive test charge brought to that point in space.

Which of the following is not deflected by electric field?

This means that alpha and beta radiation can be deflected by electric fields, but gamma radiation cannot. Hence the types of waves that cannot be deflected by an electric field or a magnetic field are gamma rays.