Why do electric cables hang tightly in winter while they appear loose in summer?

This process is called thermal expansion. The same process happens in the electric wire. During summer, the heat makes the molecules move wider apart and hence it sags and during the winter follows the opposite process and gets contacted.

Why do electric cables hung loose between the poles in summers and same cable appears tight in winters?

Electric cables expand due to the application oh heat. During summer therefore they are loosely attached to the poles for sufficient expansion. During winter due to the application of cold they contract. Therfore they do not appear so in winter.

Why electric wires are kept loose during summer?

Heat makes metallic wire expand and cold makes the material shrink. Therefore, without a slack they could become too tight and break in winters or pull loose from their anchors in summers . This is the reason why wires are kept slightly loose when they are laid.

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Why do electrical overhead wires hang loosely instead of being stretched tightly?

During transmission of electricity, heat is being dissipated. The heat generated by cables is being minimized via high voltage transmission. … So, the cables are loose so that even if contraction should occur, there won’t be much tension which would lead to the damage of the cables.

Why do telephone electric wires sag in summers and become tight during winter?

The wires are usually made up of copper or aluminum. The wires expand due to thermal expansion, while in winters they contract and become taut. Complete step by step solution: Since metals expand with a rise in temperature, therefore telephone wires sag in summers.

Why do electrical cables sag?

The lines are often heavily loaded because of increased power consumption, and the conductors, which are generally made of copper or aluminum, expand when heated. That expansion increases the slack between transmission line structures, causing them to sag.

Why do electric wires have plastic covering?

Covering electrical wiring using plastic ensures that the current doesn’t flow outside the system. This avoids shocks, short-circuit etc. … Plastics are non-reactive and poor conductors of electricity or to be precise, they are insulators. They do not allow the electric current to pass through them easily.

What happens to electric wires in summer?

In summers, due to temperature increase, the wires expand. In comparison, the temperature decrease during winter will cause the wires to contract.

Why are the wire that is connected in the posts outside are slightly saggy not tightly tied by the line man?

The reason is to minimize the tension in the wire. The wires expand when exposed to intense heat from sun and contract during cold weather. Stretching the wire and connecting to the poles will make the wires loosen up and tear easily. … So they are allowed to sag and tied loosely to the electric poles.

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Why do wires often break in winter season?

Solution: (a) Most telephone wires are made out of copper, which contracts with drop in temperature and hence breaks in winter if it becomes too tight between the poles.

Why do overhead electric transmission cables sag during summer?

The conductor material (copper, aluminum, whatever) expands when heated. When the temperature increases, the length of the power line between two towers increases due to thermal expansion, and the line sags because of the increased slack.