Your question: How do I buy electricity with USSD code?

How do I pay electricity with my GTB USSD?

You can now pay your electricity bills anywhere and anytime by simply dialing any of the disco codes below Eg. *737*50*7500*95#.

How do I recharge my GTB prepaid meter?

*737*50*7500*95#. Transaction can only be done from phone number registered with GTBank. Meter Number to be recharged/topped up is required. Value is given to Meter Number inputted in the course of transaction.

How do you recharge an AEDC?

Paying your AEDC Electricity Bill Takes a Few Easy Steps:

  1. Sign up or log in using your email address and password.
  2. Select Electricity from the list of services.
  3. Select your contract type – prepaid (postpaid is currently unavailable for AEDC)
  4. Select Abuja.
  5. Enter your meter number and the amount you wish to top-up.

How do I buy electricity tokens?


  1. a. Dial the Short code *946#.
  2. b. A list of options will be displayed. …
  3. c. Enter your meter number and select the amount you want to purchase.
  4. d. Click confirm and you would be redirected to the payment gateway to enter your payment details.
  5. e.
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How do I buy electricity with GTBank app?

Click “Electricity payment” ▪ Click on “Ikeja Prepaid” or “Eko Disco” etc.. Click “Make new payment” ▪ Complete the form displayed with necessary payment details (meter number, phone number, amount, etc.)

How do I activate my USSD code GTB?

How To Activate GTbank Nigeria USSD Code On Your Phone

  1. Insert a valid sim card registered in your name into your phone.
  2. Dial *737* on your phone to activate the transfer code.
  3. Follow the guidance on your screen to complete the GT Bank activation process.

What is GTB USSD code?

The USSD code for Guaranty Trust Bank, GTB is *737#. With this GTBank USSD code, you can do various banking operations such as transferring of funds, checking your GTB account balance, payment of bills and airtime and data top-up. Get started with the GTB USSD code by dialling *737#.

How can I buy a prepaid meter card online?

Here are the simple steps to follow:

  1. Visit the official website of PHCN.
  2. Choose your electricity supplier.
  3. Fill in your prepaid meter details, which includes your name, meter name, and location.
  4. Choose an online payment method and fill in the promoted details, including bank name, credit card type, and number.

What’s the USSD code for UBA bank?

Magic Codes

Category Transaction Type Magic Banking Code
Others Load UBA Prepaid Card *919*32#
Others Click Credit *919*28#
Paycode ATM Cardless Withdrawal *919*30*amount#
Self-Enrolment Registration *919*0#

How can I load my prepaid meter token?

Steps to load your purchased prepaid meter token.

  1. Input the 11 digit meter number and wait for some seconds.
  2. Input the 20 digit token to activate your prepaid meter (just input the 20digit and wait). …
  3. On request, your vendor will send 20digits code in two places.
  4. Input the 11 digit meter number.
  5. Input the first 20 digit.
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How do I apply for AEDC prepaid meter Online?

Step by Step Guide for Meter Application

  1. Step 1: Customer visits AEDC Website “” to initiate a request for metering.
  2. Step 2: Customer fills in all necessary details including customer’s phone number as requested in the Application Guide Tab provided on the Web Portal.

How many digits is Aedc token?

Go to your prepaid meter and enter the token which is the 20 digit code, through the UIU Keyboard correctly on the LCD screen.