Why electric lines of force are called continuous and not closed in nature?

The test charge does not tend to return to its starting point so the field line doesn’t form a closed loop. … If the electric field lines form a closed loop, these lines must originate and terminate on the same charge which is not possible because electric field lines always move from positive to negative.

Why electric lines of force are continuous?

(a) An electrostatic field line is a continuous curve because a charge experiences a continuous force when traced in an electrostatic field. The field line cannot have sudden breaks because the charge moves continuously and does not jump from one point to the other. … Hence, two field lines never cross each other.

Why do electric lines of force not form a closed loop?

The electrostatic field lines do not form closed loop because no electric field line exist inside the charged body.

Why do the electric field lines not form closed loops Class 12?

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Since electric field lines originate and terminate on charges of opposite polarity, electric field lines can never form closed loops as to form a closed loop, the electric field lines must originate and end at the same charge.

Why are electric field lines continuous curves without any breaks?

The unit charge is the charge that passes through the cross-section of an electric conductor that carries one ampere of current in one second. Therefore, the electrostatic field line will not have any sudden breaks because the charge will move continuously, and also the charge will not jump from one point to another.

Are electric field always continuous?

Option A-No, the electric field is not always continuous. … Note- The electric field because of any charge will be continuous, if there is no other charge in the medium. It will be discontinuous if there is a charge at that viable point.

Does electric field have to be continuous?

Conventionally, electric field lines emerge out of a positive charge and sink up at the negative charge. That is because we take a ‘unit positive charge’ as a measure to define electric field. As far as the logic goes, electric field lines should always be continuous.

Why magnetic lines form continuous closed loops?

i Magnetic lines of force form continuous closed loops because a magnet is always a dipole and as a result the net magnetic flux of a magnet is always zero. ii When a diamagnetic substance is placed in an external magnetic field a feeble magnetism is induced in opposite direction.

Is electric lines of force are closed curves?

Electric lines of forces are open curves because no electric field lines are present inside charged containers.

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Why electric lines of force do not pass through conductor?

The net electric field inside a conductor is zero. Therefore, the electric field lines do not pass through a conductor.

Why do electric field lines do not cross each other?

Electric field lines always point in one direction, at any point. When two lines intersect each other, tangents are drawn at that point indicating two directions of electric field lines, which is impossible therefore electric field lines cannot cross over each other.

Why is electrostatic potential constant throughout the conductor?

As inside the conductor the electric field is zero, so no work is done against the electric field to bring a charge particle from one point to another. … Because there is no potential difference between any two points inside the conductor, the electrostatic potential is constant throughout the volume of the conductor.

Which of the following is not a property of electric field lines?

Field lines are always normal to conducting surface and they do not form closed loops. Field lines may have break, they do not exist inside a conductor.