Which of the following is not required for the solar cell?

Which one of the following is not the requirement for the solar cell?

Which of the following should not be the characteristic of the solar cell material? Explanation: the energy band of the semiconductor should not be too high. it should be around 1.5 ev so that the incident solar radiation can cause the generation of e-h pairs.

Which of the following material is not used in solar cells?

We don’t use PbS as solar cells material because it absorbs all the solar radiations as its top layer which will stop it to reach to depletion zone. Solar cell is also called as a photovoltaic cell. It converts light energy to electrical energy.

What do solar cells need?

The actual solar cells are made of silicon semiconductors that absorb sunlight and then convert it into electricity. Currently, solar panels that are used for domestic purposes are only able to take around 20% of the sunlight that they receive and turn it into electricity. This is what is known as solar efficiency.

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Which of the following is not used in a passive solar heating cooling system?

3. Which of the following is not used in a passive solar heating/cooling system? Explanation: Air conditioners are not used in a passive solar heating and cooling system. This is simply because the system is passive.

Which of the following is solar thermal system?

There are three main types of concentrating solar thermal power systems: Linear concentrating systems, which include parabolic troughs and linear Fresnel reflectors. Solar power towers. Solar dish/engine systems.

Which of the following material is used solar cell?

Silicon. Silicon is, by far, the most common semiconductor material used in solar cells, representing approximately 95% of the modules sold today.

Which of the following materials can be used as solar cells materials?

Crystalline silicon is widely used in fabricating solar cells.

What are the types of solar cell?

Solar cells can be divided into three broad types, crystalline silicon-based, thin-film solar cells, and a newer development that is a mixture of the other two.

What are the 3 benefits of solar energy?

Pros of Solar Energy

  • Solar is a proven technology. …
  • Solar works in many climates. …
  • Solar is more affordable than ever. …
  • Solar energy benefits the whole electricity grid. …
  • Solar panels have a long lifespan. …
  • Solar panels can increase home values.

Which is the non conventional energy source?

Energy generated by using wind, solar, small hydro, tides, geothermal heat and biomass is known a non-conventional energy. All these sources are renewable process of energy generation and do not cause environmental pollution.

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