What is the meaning of Bill period in electricity bill?

Billing Period means (subject to Article 6.1 of the Agreement) the calendar month ending with the Metering Date. The first Billing Period shall commence from the Commercial Operation Date and end with the Metering Date corresponding to the month in which the Commercial Operation Date occurs.

What is billing period in electricity bill?

The bill shall be served to a consumer immediately after the meter reading incase of spot billing system and in other cases within a period of four (4) days from the date of issue of bill in urban areas and within a period of eleven (11) days from the date of issue of bill in rural areas.

What does bill period mean?

A billing cycle, or billing period, is the length of time between the last statement closing date and the next. … The period of time between the end of a billing cycle and when your bill is due is called your grace period, and if you pay your balance off within this time, you won’t incur interest.

How do I know my billing cycle?

A billing cycle refers to the number of days between the last statement date and the current statement date. Billing cycles vary depending on the creditor or service provider, but typically last between 20 and 45 days.

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How do you read an energy bill?

As well as these basics, your supplier may also include:

  1. Customer reference number – A unique number your supplier uses to identify you. …
  2. Bill date – The date the supplier issues the bill to you.
  3. Bill period – The period of time your bill covers. …
  4. Last payment – A reminder of how much you paid on your last bill.

What is the difference between bill date and due date?

Your Billing Date is the first day of your billing cycle and the date your bill is issued. A billing cycle usually starts on your connection date and lasts for the next 30 days. … Your New Charges Due Date is the date by which you must pay your bill.

What is the 60 day billing cycle?

Net 60 terms means the invoice is due in 60 days and so on. The start date can vary by company. Some companies may count the date that an invoice is postmarked (mail delivery) or sent (email).

Is billing period the same as service period?

Billing Period is the time period since the last invoice date. Service Period is the time period during which you are charged to use the service. This is the address of your billing department, and is usually the same as the Sold-To address.

How do billing cycles work?

During your billing cycle, any purchases, credits, fees, and finance charges are posted to your account and added or subtracted from your balance. At the end of the billing cycle, you are billed for all unpaid charges and fees made during the billing cycle.

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What is a billing period discover?

A billing cycle is a period of time between billings. A billing cycle is recurring and usually on a monthly basis. A credit card company will summarize all the purchases you’ve made in that cycle and send you a bill for the total amount at the end of the cycle.

What is billing month?

Billing Month means the period commencing from 25th of the calendar month and ending on the 24th of the next calendar month. … Billing Month means that month which immediately precedes the month in which Company is required to provide a bill for Service.

Whats an annual fee?

An annual fee is a yearly charge by banks and financial institutions to customers for use of their credit cards. The card issuer adds the annual fee to the customer’s statement.

What is a billing schedule?

Billing Schedules allow you to track recurring payments that your customers make via eCommerce or Point of Sale. When a customer places an order with a recurring payment from your Online Store, Payment Form, or Buy Now Button, it creates a Billing Schedule.