What energy transformation takes place in electric fan?

The fan converts electric energy into kinetic energy that does work, and it converts some electric energy into heat.)

What energy transformation takes place in dry cell and electric fan?

1) in dry cell – chemical energy is converted to electrical energy. 2) In electric fan – electrical energy is converted to mechanical energy and wind energy .

What is energy transformation fan?

In an electric fan the energy conversion is as follows – Electrical Energy ⇒ Mechanical Energy (Potential Energy + Kinetic Energy) and Heat Energy .

What type of energy transformation takes place in electric cell?

a) Electric cell involves conversion of chemical energy to electrical energy.

What energy transformation takes place in a cell?

The first law of thermodynamics:

Scenario Energy conversions involved
Using a battery-powered flashlight Chemical energy to electrical energy (in the battery) Electrical energy to radiant energy (in the bulb)
An object speeding up as it falls Gravitational potential energy to kinetic energy

Does a fan have energy?

A fan always uses mechanical energy, that’s why, when you turn it off, it eventually stops spinning, and it would even if it were frictionless, because the built up mechanical energy (rotational kinetic energy) gets used up from continuing to move air.

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What energy transformation occurs in electric fan Class 9?

(a) An electric fan converts electrical energy into mechanical energy .

Which energy transformation occurs in an electric iron?

In the iron, electrical energy is used, and it is transformed into heat energy.

What kind of energy transformation takes place in magnetic compass?

magnetic compass into kinetic energy.