What drives the turbine in a nuclear power plant quizlet?

The heat generated in these plants is used to generate steam. This steam drives a turbine, which powers a generator that converts mechanical energy to electrical energy. Nuclear energy is cleaner while generating electricity.

What drives the turbine in a nuclear power plant?

Fission takes place inside the reactor of a nuclear power plant. … The heat produced during nuclear fission in the reactor core is used to boil water into steam, which turns the blades of a steam turbine. As the turbine blades turn, they drive generators that make electricity.

What turns the turbines in a nuclear power plant quizlet?

in a nuclear power plant, the heat released from fission is used to change water into steam. the steam then turns the blades of a turbine to generate electricity.

What spins the turbine in a nuclear power plant?

Nuclear reactors are the heart of a nuclear power plant. They contain and control nuclear chain reactions that produce heat through a physical process called fission. That heat is used to make steam that spins a turbine to create electricity.

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How does a nuclear power plant generate electricity quizlet?

How does it generate electricity? Nuclear energy originates from the splitting of uranium atoms – a process called fission. This generates heat to produce steam, which is used by a turbine generator to generate electricity. Because nuclear power plants do not burn fuel, they do not produce greenhouse gas emissions.

What do control rods do in a nuclear reactor?

A rod, plate, or tube containing a material such as hafnium, boron, etc., used to control the power of a nuclear reactor. By absorbing neutrons, a control rod prevents the neutrons from causing further fissions.

Why did Chernobyl explode?

The Chernobyl accident in 1986 was the result of a flawed reactor design that was operated with inadequately trained personnel. The resulting steam explosion and fires released at least 5% of the radioactive reactor core into the environment, with the deposition of radioactive materials in many parts of Europe.

What type of nuclear reaction produces electricity in a nuclear power plant quizlet?

How is electricity produced in a nuclear power plant? In a nuclear power plant the heat released from fission reactions is used to change water into steam. The steam turns the blades of a turbine to generate electricity.

How a nuclear reactor works quizlet?

At nuclear power plants, the heat to make the steam is created when uranium atoms split – called fission. There is no combustion in a nuclear reactor. … nuclear fission is nuclei of uranium atoms are bombarded with atomic particles called neutrons. These collisions cause the nuclei to split into nuclear fission.

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In which part of a nuclear power plant does nuclear fission occur quizlet?

The reactor vessel is where the control rods and the fuel rods are placed and is where nuclear fission occurs.

What are control rods made of?

Control rods are used in nuclear reactors to control the rate of fission of the nuclear fuel – uranium or plutonium. Their compositions include chemical elements such as boron, cadmium, silver, hafnium, or indium, that are capable of absorbing many neutrons without themselves fissioning.

How are nuclear power plants different from other power plants?

Nuclear plants are different because they do not burn anything to create steam. Instead, they split uranium atoms in a process called fission. As a result, unlike other energy sources, nuclear power plants do not release carbon or pollutants like nitrogen and sulfur oxides into the air.

How do power plants generate electricity?

Electricity is produced at a an electric power plant. Some fuel source, such as coal, oil, natural gas, or nuclear energy produces heat. The heat is used to boil water to create steam. … The spinning turbine interacts with a system of magnets to produce electricity.

What is nuclear energy quizlet?

Nuclear Energy. the energy released during nuclear fission or fusion, especially when used to generate electricity. Plasma. in physical science, a state of matter that consists of free-moving ions and electrons; a plasma’s properties differ from the properties of a solid, liquid, or gas.

What are the two types of energy generated by a nuclear power plant quizlet?

2. Nuclear energy is converted to radiant and thermal energy. 3. Heat is used to generate steam.

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How does a nuclear reactor generate radioactive elements quizlet?

The rods of radioactive uranium contained in a reactor. When several rods are placed close together, a series of fission reaction occurs. … They are made of the elements, cadmium, boron, or hafnium and are placed close to the fuel rods to absorb particles released during fission to slow the speed of the chain reactions.