Quick Answer: What is the role of an electrical estimator?

An electrical estimator works closely with the senior estimating staff to provide electrical estimates. They collect and analyze quotes from suppliers and subcontractors during the bidding process to obtain the complete bid package pricing and qualification information.

What are the roles and responsibilities of estimator?

The role of an Estimator

  • Finding out what the client wants.
  • Researching materials, equipment and labour costs.
  • Gathering quotes from sub contractors and suppliers.
  • Assessing the levels of risk on a project.
  • Analysing company data, exchange rates and prices using software packages.

What is the role of an estimator?

Estimators draw up assessments of how much it will cost to provide clients, or potential clients, with products or services. It’s the estimator’s job to consider all pertinent information about each building project and decide how much it would cost to meet the client’s needs.

What is the role of electrical estimation engineer?

As an Electrical Estimator, you will be responsible for determining the electrical cost for the given project. You will also be responsible for reading and interpreting the blueprints in an effective way. You should be able to coordinate with the Contractor to estimate the cost of each electrical element.

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Is electrical estimator a good job?

It is also one of the most rewarding. According to CNN Money, electrical estimators in the US took home a median pay of $68, 800 with a top industry pay of $106, 000. It is also a career path with very bright future prospects, expecting to see a growth of 36.4% over the next decade.

What does an estimating department do?

Your duties typically include implementing technical estimating procedures and standards and overseeing the project estimator’s work. … As an estimating manager, you will be responsible for soliciting proposals and bids for labor, equipment, and material from different suppliers.

What does an estimator do in engineering?

Estimators provide approximations of the time, money, materials and labour required for a specific project. Many Estimators work in the building and construction industry.

What does it take to be an estimator?

Estimators are usually required to hold a bachelor’s degree in mathematics, civil engineering, construction science or another closely related field. Perform a search for open estimator positions in your area and determine the level of education generally required for the job.

What degree does an electrical estimator need?

To work as an Electrical Estimator, it is usually required to be an experienced, trade-qualified and licensed Electrician, or hold an Engineering or related qualification. Complete an electrical apprenticeship.

Who does an estimator work with?

Tasks and duties

Work with construction managers, architects and surveyors to plan and develop a budget for building projects. Use software to calculate the cost and time estimates for a project, check subcontractor quotes and submit tenders.

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What skills do you need to be an estimator?

Construction estimator skills: How to be a good estimator

  • Math.
  • Organization.
  • Data Analysis.
  • Critical Thinking.
  • Detail Oriented.
  • Effective Communication.
  • Technical Skills.
  • Time Management.

How do you do an electrical estimate?

How to Estimate Electrical Work – Basic steps to do it right

  1. Choose the Right Work to Bid.
  2. Review the Specifications.
  3. Review the Drawings.
  4. Perform a Quantity Takeoff.
  5. Request Supplier Quotes.
  6. Create your Estimate.
  7. Add Overhead and Profit.
  8. Build your Proposal.

What is the average salary of an electrical estimator?

Electrical Estimator Salaries

Job Title Salary
Speedy Electrical Contractors Electrical Estimator salaries – 1 salaries reported $70,510/yr
3 Phase Power Systems Electrical Estimator salaries – 1 salaries reported $68,148/yr
Quigley Electric Electrical Estimator salaries – 1 salaries reported $73,229/yr