Question: Which of the following is used in thermal power plant?

What is used in thermal power plant?

Thermal power generation consists of using steam power created by burning oil, liquid natural gas (LNG), coal, and other substances to rotate generators and create electricity.

Which of the following is a part of thermal power plant?

(A) Typical scheme of coal-fired thermal power plant: (1) Cooling tower; (2) Cooling-water pump; (3) Transmission line (3-phase); (4) Step-up transformer (3-phase); (5) Electrical generator (3-phase); (6) Low-pressure steam turbine; (7) Condensate pump; (8) Surface condenser; (9) Intermediate-pressure steam turbine; ( …

Which of the following generator is used in the thermal power plant?

The steam turbine generator is the primary power conversion component of the power plant. The function of the steam turbine generator is to convert the thermal energy of the steam from the steam generator to electrical energy.

Which of the following cycle is used in thermal power plant?

The Rankine cycle or Rankine Vapor Cycle is the process widely used by power plants such as coal-fired power plants or nuclear reactors. In this mechanism, a fuel is used to produce heat within a boiler, converting water into steam which then expands through a turbine producing useful work.

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What are the types of thermal power plant?

Types of Thermal Power Generation

  • Steam power generation.
  • Combined cycle power generation.
  • Gas turbine power generation.

Which turbine is used in thermal power plant?

steam power plant: Power plant which uses the steam turbine as its only prime mover to generate electricity. GTCC power plant: Gas Turbine Combined Cycle power plant, in which a steam turbine is used in the bottoming cycle for power generation.

Which of the following is not used in thermal power plant?

Detailed Solution. Out of the given options, the Surge tank or surge chamber is not a part of steam power plant. It is a part of Hydo power plant. Surge chamber acts as a reservoir of water and used to compensate in case of pressure drop or rise.

What is cooling tower in thermal power plant?

A cooling tower is a heat rejection device that rejects waste heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of a coolant stream, usually a water stream to a lower temperature.

Where is the thermal power plant in India?

Located on the banks of Rihand reservoir in the district of Sonebhadra in Uttarpradesh the Anpara thermal power station is a coal fired thermal power plant.

Major Thermal Power Plants in India
Amarkantak TPS Chachai Madhya Pradesh
Durgapur Thermal Power Station Durgapur West Bengal
Durgapur TPP Durgapur West Bengal

Which type of generators are used in power plants?

Complete answer: AC generators are used in the power stations. AC generator and DC generator both use electromagnetic induction to generate electricity.

Which generator is used in power plant?

Other types of generators

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Generator Plant type Main fuel/energy source
Combustion gas turbine Single cycle Natural gas2
Wind turbine All types Wind
Hydroelectric turbine Conventional Water
Photovoltaic All types Solar

Which rotor is used in thermal power plant in generators?

Steam turbine rotors in thermal power plants are required to be strong enough to endure harsh high-temperature and high-pressure environments (600 ℃, 25 MPa) while rotating at a high speed. The recent increase in power-generation has involved the upsizing of turbine rotors, and higher precision products are required.