Frequent question: When was Icehouse Electric Blue released?

Electric Blue

When did Icehouse come out?

Icehouse (band)

Also known as Flowers (1977–1980) Iva Davies & Icehouse
Origin Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Genres Rock new wave synth-pop
Years active 1977–present

Who wrote Icehouse Electric Blue?

Member for former Icehouse band, Flowers, Anthony Smith has passed away at his Lismore home. MUSICIAN Anthony Smith passed away at his house in Lismore on Friday.

What does electric blue represent?

The meaning of electric blue

Its association with electricity means electric blue communicates energy, action and excitement. In color psychology, blue is linked with trustworthiness and reliability, which makes it a popular choice for business logos.

Is Icehouse a word?

noun, plural ice·hous·es [ahys-hou-ziz]. a building for storing ice.

Who sang Electric Avenue?

Electric blue is the color of blue neon signs. It is a mixture of cyan and white, but is most easily achieved using a fluorescent blue paint and pearlescent white paint for a more metallic color. The color is also known as ice blue.

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